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The Blue Forest Foundation works for children and their families who live with Sensory Processing Disorder.


My name is Mariann Hornyák. I founded this organisation to support families. I have a boy who lives with ASD/SPD and I dedicated my time and knowledge to create a community that is capable of supporting children with sensory integration disorders and families who live with these difficulties. Often sensory kids are smart and funny but issues with sensory seeking or avoiding make their life miserable. Being a parent of a challenging child is exhausting, to be fair.

We have loads of project ideas and we have started to implement a few already. Me and my family moved back to Hungary from the United Kingdom in 2016 and we are now located in Debrecen, Hungary. This is where we started to build a sensory garden with “my first veggie garden” for nursery and school-aged kids.

We aim to reach out and educate the society about how normal a different child can be. We want people to understand, to learn, to accept, to love and get involved. I want to eliminate negative judgements, I want to stop stigma and I will lift my child and your child up. I want to enable these children to become who they are meant to be.

We aim to launch an online parent training series because our in-person training sessions are not enough.

Our school for kids, who are home educated because of their special needs (being gifted&talented, living with SPD, ADHD or Autism), opened in July 2018 and we are opening our preschool in September 2019.

I cannot wait to hear what you think about this! Do you think we should do this? Do you think we could help with this?


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Director: Mariann Hornyák

Address of the Blue Forest Foundation: 4079 Debrecen, Vércse street 10-12.